Brix Refractometer Aluminum 0-90% Handheld Brix Meter

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Brix Refractometer Aluminum 0-90% Handheld Brix Meter

Brix Refractometer Aluminum 0-90% Handheld Brix Meter

Cena: 33,95 €
33,95 € doručenie ZADARMO

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Measuring range: Brix 0-90%Minimum scale: 0.2%Measurement accuracy: Brix 0.1% (10-30 C)Temperature correction range: 10-30 Accessories: 1 * measuring device 1 * pipette, 1 * cleaning cloth, 1 * screwdriver 1.High precision prism: High uniformity, no cracks, good transparency, high dispersion and small temperature coefficient. The surface of the prism material is not affected by humidity. 2.ATC automatic temperature compensation technology: High quality temperature compensation film, certified size can reach the corresponding temperature compensation function. 3.Pure copper body: Solid texture, row cutting of gold ratio, solid structure, long service life, effectively improve the durability and accuracy of the fuselage. 4.Measuring range: 0-90% Brix (sugar content), resolution: 0.5% Brix (sugar content). automatic temperature compensation (10 ~ 30 ) and calibration screw (calibration ""0""). Easy to handle. Place 2, 3 drops of the sample on the main prism, close the plate and look through the viewing window to read the Brix value. 5.Wide range of applications: No battery, easy to operate, easy to carry, industrial, family, fruit, vegetable, jam, lubricant, emulsion, etc. For those who want to know the sugar content of various things for health management Since the sugar content of vegetables and fruits can be easily measured, even those with sugar intake restrictions can manage their health safely based on the measurement results.

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